Monday, August 27, 2012

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What a wonderful day to read my little writings.

I have many old writings from previous months and years that I will share soon enough, as I want them to be all in one location. You can hope for those to come, re-touched a bit, and edited for completeness and ease of reading (as well as a little after-thought thrown in).

Be excited that I am writing again, as I am as well - let me explain the purpose of my blog in parts.

Part 1 and most critical;
I want to abolish, or at least hand out control and understanding of Panic attacks, depression, and anxiety. I had lived with these the majority of my life and dedicated that portion of my existence to conquering and controlling these not-so-pleasant emotions. I will share strategies, tips, perspectives, and a few paradigm shifts that will help you deal with these occurrences!

Part 2;
I would like to explain some of my insights on how to maximize yourself by learning, and taking advantage of your creative self. Creativity is one of the most defining factors of genius, entrepreneurship, and fulfillment in a life of learning. We may go through politics, science, sociology, art, academia, and onward, but it shall be a real treat for me as well, as I have much to learn!

Part 3;
Being healthy in both mind and body. I'd like to delve into mostly what not to do in order to be healthy; that is what foods and practices to avoid. Watch for my post "all food is bad" - it may surprise you. Some of this may be discomforting, some may be incredibly uplifting, the best attitude is to just sit and observe, judge after all is said and done.

Part 4;
Psychonauts unite! Being a psychonaut I will briefly and periodically take you on adventures dealing with meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projections, and last but not least entheogen use. I will only briefly touch on these subjects as they are very delicate and I wish to only be objective and give out information.

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