Friday, August 31, 2012

The Power of Good

Perception is key to maximizing our life's potential. 

It really is everything and anything.

The concept is striking in what it truly entails;
Everything we feel - all of our emotions applied to everything we experience are completely controlled and dictated by our minds. We are the master and commander of our reality. From the quality of your job, to the emotion of a cloudy day, to the greenery of mother nature, to the simple things like our tastes in food and drink. The emotions tied to all of these concepts are totally subjective - that is, they have no real bearing in value, much like the color red doesn't really mean anything, or the note C sharp. The way we view reality is completely up to us, whether we believe it or not.

The most stunning example of this for me is a cloudy day. As soon as the sun hides behind the grey I find myself sunken into my negativity. Its almost as if the entire world becomes slightly sadder (I'll come back to this). Yet, if I close my eyes and imagine a bright sunny day its like the clouds don't exist. I feel fine again - a new day's dawn. The question is - what has changed? Nothing except my perspective. This is a very fundamental idea, we can see that our feelings are completely subjective. We can change them at will. Some are harder than others, of course - the stronger the emotion that is evoked, the harder it is to change the perception.

I want you to realize how important this is; Our feelings are subjective. We can change them by changing our perception of our situations. I wrote a poem about this that I hope you can enjoy;

Don't see bleak upon the rain,
As rain is under sun.
The sun exists upon your bliss
And allows your fears to run.
Hold and embrace
What you can chase,
These entities will be dear to you.
Sum your chances,
Behold your branches,
And reach for the upper blue.
 This is, ultimately, the power of good. The universe is inherently neutral - (like food!) we are the artists that paint our surroundings. We wield the brush that paints the world with feelings. We subconsciously choose to paint a delicately mystical picture, a fiery land of constant contestation, or a place of pure bliss.

Beyond this, our 'goodness' perspective is incredibly contagious (and so is a bad one). When we are happy, whether you or anyone else is aware of it, people see it. Many people are not aware of their ability to read people, some who feel it but don't know where it comes from call it vibes. Some people pick up on it subconsciously, others can see it directly, but it truly is contagious. The next time you see a person, ask yourself what they are feeling at that moment - are they content, sad, or in some other emotion. I hope you will be able to read them, if not, you can trust that your subconscious is constantly doing it. So is everyone else's consciousness.

Every time you interact with someone in a good mood, they will realize it, whether they are aware or not, and it will boost their mood as well. The chain reaction is complex, and of course there are interferences, but if all people were only 1% happier, the world would be well over 1% happier the next day, as the happiness spreads and amplifies. The opposite is also true, however, negativity gets us no-where. When we are negative to others we are directly hurting ourselves. Even thinking negatively about others, while acting nice does not allow the propagation of happiness, the subconscious can read right through this veil. Oddly enough, there aren't many situations where people think positively, but act negatively - and interesting thing to think about.

It may be very obvious that positivity breeds positivity, but now I want to get to an even deeper level. Remember when I said the entire world gets slightly sadder if you, yourself are sad? Well, I believe that this outrageous idea is actually true. I believe that whatever emotion you feel at any give point is amplified throughout your entire reality. That is, when you feel happy your entire reality - everything contained in our universe - changes. That is a pretty far out idea, I admit, but I have some reasoning behind it.

When we are in a negative state of mind, things become more negative. All which we perceive becomes more negative - the people you see become less happy, and the situations in your life become less meaningful. When you 'wake up on the wrong side of the bed' the entire world seems different. It is hard to explain how this is physically possible, but again, remember that your perception is everything. There isn't any experience outside of your mind, so it must entail that a large change in your mind will change all that you can experience. Turn this around and you truly begin to see the power of positivity.

When you are happy, the world is happy. This may seem like some meta-physical, far-out fabrication, but I don't believe it to be so. The fact that our entire reality - all that we can experience, is contained between the ears, it shouldn't be far fetched to realize that our perception changes our experience. Suddenly a happy moment becomes a worldly event. Suddenly it becomes so important to embrace your true ambitions and search for what truly makes you happy.

I am quite tired, so I think the entire world is tired. I shall spare the world my sleepiness and get some rest now.

Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. I can't properly reply to this because there's too much to say on this matter. Nice poem though, last time I only read part 2 so I'm glad I went back and read the original post. Very insightful, sounds like my exact thoughts which is why I Feel it complicated to react to it hah. But nice poem, I write poetry as well, it's wonderful to do.