Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Verified Mind-Blowing Astral-Projection-Like Experience

To partake in this experience the best results are going to be with people who

1) Smoke weed and are comfortable with being very high
2) Have some enjoyment in electronic music that has a loud bass line

This is a solid technique to completely forget you're in your body, experience full synesthesia, and experience what some would call astral projection

The following things are highly, highly recommended. The choice of music is not strict, but I've never heard any better examples, and these are perfectly formulated to produce the most heart-pounding, mind-blowing, synesthesia-wielding, astral projections to the beyond:

•Enough marijuana to smoke in one sitting to make yourself very high. When you are done smoking you should be barely able to remember why you started smoking.
•An MP3 player with good quality headphones, or the most fabulous stereo system on the planet.
•A room with little light and no other distractions
•Being very tired helps, but isn't always necessary
•These two albums. I suggest these two for a number of reasons, but the main being they are very progressive which allows the mind to truly expand and create incredible imagery:

Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians
Infected Mushroom - Viscious Delicious
Or classical mushroom, or IM Supervisor... they are all ok but not the 2 newer albums. Viscious delicious is a must.

Effects will be the greatest if you've never heard these albums before! But don't fret if you're an I.M. fan, you can download any of the 1200 mic albums as well, but they are a second best.

On With the Experiment!
Keep up with how other people are doing here: http://www.highexistence.com/topic/i-want-participants-for-an-astral-projection-expt/

Smoke your herb, or however you want to do it. The goal is to be high to a point that you are not usually, a high where that almost pushes the zone of comfort, but still easy to relax. 

Go lay in bed and get very comfortable, imagine how comfy you are, and put in your head phones. Put the music on at a very low volume, just enough to hear every beat and sound - as the song progresses turn up the music, little by little until it, too, is just under the threshold of comfortableness - but you still can listen with ease. Do this slowly, all the while having your eyes closed and preferably under the covers. 

As the song peaks, so should your volume (to the loudest comfortable level).

At this point, colors and visions should be everywhere. You should be imagining yourself flying through space, visions of objects and great plains and buildings dancing everywhere. You may forget you are in your body. Your eyes may begin to vibrate and roll back - a normal thing. Pure euphoria and bliss may start to pulse through you.

Have fun. If it gets too intense for you, of course take the headphones off and take a breather. Not everyone enjoys this type of music, but you should try this first, as it is one of the most progressive mind-blowing music genres (artists) out there. 

If it doesn't work, put something softer in like Pink Floyd or one of the classics. Again, this is to expand your mind, bring some feelings you've never had before, and to have fun.

Don't do it too much or you'll end up like me.

So You Want to Know "Why"?

Spoiler! Do not read if you have not done it!

You've done the experiment? Really? Ok... go ahead.
The reason I ask you to do this is actually not for astral projection at all. The real reason I did this is because it was about the time that I started doing this in High School that I started to find extreme changes in my perceptions of reality - to great degrees. I found that at the same time I was picking up this "hobby" so to speak, of getting high and listening to this music before bed, I started a new awakening. Reality was literally shifting before my eyes.

As I evolved in this new perception, I started to wonder what was the cause, and what was really going on with me (I felt quite crazy, actually). Five years later I think this may have been a contributing part to the larger story. What I wanted to see:

1) Firstly it appeared to me that maybe this was a masculine-only phenomenon. No females I had ever talked to ever expressed experiencing something similar. I also had a feeling this music and being high combination was innately male. I have since completely proven this wrong, and won't be so foolish again.

2) I wanted to see if other people would have similar experiences of extreme senses of euphoria, fear, or like wise emotions. When I would do this, I would be in such a state of "awe" I could hardly breath for the emotions were so powerful - to see if anyone could have similar experiences would, at the very least, comfort me. Seeing that others have the same experience is indeed comforting.

3) I wanted to see if this experience was capable of being manifested outside of the music, outside of being high, or both, simply by trying to get to that state again. Again, seeing that others have had similar experiences... comforting, and I'm glad people are able to access this perception at will.

4) I wanted to see if this actually had some daily-life changes, even with no attempts to change perceptions. This is the ultimate test of this experiment - do these experiences actually effect how we perceive reality forever after? On some level I have gotten confirmation that this experience, does in fact have this effect.

This is, I believe, one of the closest experiences to psychedelics or entheogens one person can have without actually doing them, but doing them after fulfilling this experiment, would be quite the experience indeed.

Again - Check out the participants of the project HERE:

Have fun with this, and don't worry - some people experience a "cloaked" figure, this is just a fabrication of the imagination, do not fear it. ;)


  1. Ya this is some real real... 'Divine Moments of Truth' by Shpongle can literally tear you into a new dimensional understanding, especially when followed by the 'The Queen of All Everything' by Ott to put you back together.

    I've shared wonderfully joyful astral experience with a girl. Definitely creates a near mushroom/acid level of experience. Or rather another form of those expanding experiences. I've often felt as if the music runs as a teaching program for un-speakable truths.

    I have not tried Infected Mushroom but plan to next time I cheef..

    Two other resources for this type of stimulating music:
    killer youtube playlist

    album i just stumbled across

    Thanks for the post of your experiences!

  2. i got really high and i ended up twitching whenever i would relax but i felt the full synesthesia at some points my body felt like it was rotating in layers to the beat and at other times i would make a shape, wavelength,movement in my mind to the beat and become those shapes, wavelengths, and movements.