Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Drug Found Nearly Everywhere

Hey, this is surprising news!

Scientists have discovered a new chemical drug compound being used across the globe. Why haven't you heard of it yet? Sources say that some people don't even know they are taking it... This is quite disturbing, if you ask me.

People who have used the drug have claimed that when you take it, you have no idea you are on it, yet it changes how you act and perceive things. A high amount of the drug has been linked to causing everything from schizophrenia to psychosis to euphoria and depression. Immediate concerns with high amounts are correlated with Serotonin Syndrome - a rare form of chemical overload on the brain. Sometimes irreversible, sometimes deadly.

Whats the drug? Well, here's the chemical structure:
Notice how similar it is to Psilocin, one of the active chemicals in "Magic Mushrooms":
There is almost no difference here, except those two lines coming off the "N" - which is two carbons attached to the nitrogen.

So where does it come from?
People are pretty sure its being manufactured by a large group of people, globally, but Authorities say there is no definitive evidence that there is a conspiracy at play. Although, other sources have stated that even some police and federal agents have been found with the drug.

So what can you do?
Well, we don't know if it is in the tap water yet. It is definitely not volatile, so its not in the air. It has been found is some meats, but nobody can claim that it was put there intentionally, or at what level (employees, distributors, perhaps the farms themselves). The easiest thing is to just act normal, and go on with daily life. If you start acting abnormal, but don't know that you are acting abnormal - this may be a warning sign. If this happens, lock yourself in your house as Hospitals and Doctors have been known to be well aware (and in coherts with GIVING OUT the drug).

Stay calm, carry on, AND PANIC!
Singing off,
Paranoid ignoramus.

Edit 12:05 pm
Sources say the drug is called Sayruhtonin. Please be wary.

New update -
It is named Sarah Tonen after Norse god of conspiracy. BE VIGILANT MY FRIENDS!

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