Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There are no Atheists.

Get ready, I have a crap load of caffeine in me and am ready to spew some passion.

Religion is the final frontier for philosophy. It usually governs the end of life, the meaning of life, the morals and ethics that we should adopt. Spirituality, in my opinion, is also religion, but of course, of a different nature. These are massive paradigms - the decide how we view our entire life, how we accept and tolerate things, what we strive to be. It literally shapes us, and we cannot escape experiencing some kind of religion in our daily lives. Churches adorn streets, necklaces and clothing reflect beliefs, even some conversations are steered (or avoided) by religion.

Then, there is the absence of religion - the Atheist. Atheist is a growing (actually the fastest growing) philosophical belief. I really want to examine this in full, as I once believed myself to be an Atheist. These are my ideas, they are my opinions, and they are (most likely) unique to me. I've warned you.

My honest opinion; There are NO atheists. I make the assumption that many Atheists have found faults in organized religion (usually Christianity) and have sworn off The Bible of fictitious and flawed. Although I do agree that the Bible is not perfect, nor is any organized religion, this does not make on an Atheist, this makes one an A-Christian. For whatever reason, it seems to be the logic that since Christianity is incorrect, all religion is incorrect, and there is no god. This assumption is taking leaps and bounds to reach its conclusion - Christianity is not the only religion, nor does the possibility of Christianity being incorrect (in whatever way possible) make the idea of a god impossible. 
To label yourself as an atheist (and not agnostic) is claiming that you believe there is no god – the universe is without any omnipotent presence. I find this idea totally preposterous. To base your entire religious / philosophical after-life paradigms on the absence of a God (which is IMPOSSIBLE to prove either way) is doing yourself a great misfortune. If it is impossible to prove either way (Scientifically) whether a God exists, or there is heaven, then why would you chose to believe in something less fulfilling? I have to make the argument that believing in an after life must feel better than simply losing consciousness and returning to the Earth.
My personal belief is that your perception is the universe. When your paradigm of the universe changes, the universe does as well. The consensus reality is entwined in all conscious beings (nearly everything in the universe). Our total consciousness creates the universe we see, and as we change, so does our perceptions, our experiences, and reality itself. There is nothing telling us that time isn't an illusion. It is totally possible that our memories didn't really happen - that they are just holograms. There is nothing proving that the universe isn't some incredibly dynamic construct of consciousness, constantly shifting and changing.
And then, here are these folk who say “There is no god.”
How the ? Get the hell outta here! I’ll kick you out the door get outta here!

If you don't believe in anything, believe in something. It is a belief. It could be so much as you construct your own after life. We cannot know, and we will never know on this Earth. So find what makes you happy, find what makes you comfortable and accept that as you. Create your life. Don't hinder your abilities, or your happiness on something that cannot be assured. Believe whatever feels right to you.

As for me, nothing feels right. I will continue to ponder this forever. The quote that is applicable to me;

"Once I can stop thinking about matters of great importance, will I then know I have become stupid."

That is my perspective, and it has no bearing on anyone else. Just make yourself happy.

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