Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lost in the confusion.

You're you, and you're always gonna be you.
You were born and you're always gonna have that fact.
So now you have this 4 Billion people running around frantically trying to find out who they are, and here you & I are, sitting watching, and occasionally getting up and flailing around with them. Yelling, screaming, in the metaphorical street.
All these buildings and houses, and homes and stays - all built for us to feel more comfortable. Move from one to the next trying to get this and remove that, say this and forget that. Climbing this imaginary ladders built on 'shoulds' and 'goods', getting to the top to find nothing really special at all.
There are a few on lookers, a bit of booze in the belly, laughing at the brigade of confused and frantics - driving their cars and trucks and big ole jeeps to here and far.
There are a few who cast a blind eye to it all, finding the frantic flailing stressful and stupid, almost loathsome in a way, and they retire to a comfort of less confused animals and plant life.
But again, here you and I are. Sitting, occasionally staring in confusion, and partaking in confusion ourselves. Thinking of bliss and love, pain and meaning. What should I do with it all, and why?
Well, I don't know, honestly. I will never know if I'm right or wrong, or if there is right or wrong to begin with! But, what I consider my own opinion is that this world is so vastly confusing, so incredibly complex and dynamic, that I cannot help but to become mystified on a daily basis. So, what I ask of all people on Earth, is that you never stop realizing. Never stop having moments of inspiration, ambition, motivation, and awe.
Our universe is vast, and our Earth reflects that. All ideas, subjects, and objects in our world are incredibly interesting. There is no subject matter to be discussed that cannot be transformed in a most incredible descriptive manner. From a tree to a string - from a whale to a word, all things have depth and structure. All things could be discussed at length.
Find your motivation, in all this confusion. In fact, one of my motivational ideas is the incredible amount of confusion and panic that exists in our world.
Find it, encapsulate it, train it, and release it - Find it, learn all about it, practice expressing it and explaining it, and then do it.

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