Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Power of Good - Round 2

A second part to possibly the most important post on my blog;

"Good" is all that makes us feel happy. It is the actions and thoughts and things that we don't and won't regret. That is the simplest way to know if you are doing good - "Could I possibly regret this?"

Smiling begets happiness, and vice versa. The two are intimately connected - you can try it:

Relax, breathe a little, clear the mind, and make a big, huge smile.

It grows on you doesn't it? I'm sitting here, nose stuffed up, head throbbing, dizzy as a kid who rolled down a hill, but if I smile it picks me right back up. Warm (imaginary) sunshine hitting my face, embracing the good.

I wanted to get a little deeper, and something I touched on in my previous post. When I said
"When you are happy, the world is happy."

It doesn't seem always true, but it makes a big difference. I wanted to play a little mental exercise though. What if all the bad in the world, all the negative, is only there because it always has been. Since the beginning of life its been kill or be killed. We've had predators as long as we've had mouths. As we grew more conscious and more aware, we became empathetic - another being's suffering is our own.

There are those that dismiss this empathy and embrace of all life as beautiful as something silly, foolish - something science easily dismisses. But science certainly does not, in fact science says nothing of morality at all!

Back to the point - what if all the negativity we experience in todays world - all the suffering, has just been carried over from our years of un-empathetical behavior? What would happen if all people smiled just an hour more a day? What would happen if all people began to be charitable in just a few more actions a day?

Since the greater use of "happy" parts of the brain begets more and stronger uses of "happy" parts of the brain (giving, smiling, and loving), the world would exponentially get happier. 

What if by simply being nicer, the world changed? Literally. Since our perception of the universe is dramatically altered in various ways depending on our mood - to have a global shift in the direction of good and happiness could literally change how the world is seen. I'm not just saying that people would seem nicer, and the day would be a bit brighter - but literally things would become more valuable, time would become more fulfilling, life would be richer.

Before you go all skeptic on me, what have you got to lose?


  1. It is true though, it's the perspective of someone that shapes their world. If they see everything good to them, then that's what it is to them. I fully agree with you have to say.

    Question: I found your blog through this site, where you were talking about moving to Riverside, CA, it was like a year ago- it was posted, how did this go for you?

    1. It went well. Although I'm not loving Riverside itself, I love what I'm doing and I'm about an hour from everywhere that is worth loving - the beach, some mountains, national parks, etc.

      I feed off of new experiences, and I'm pretty adaptable, so it wasn't really a big step for me anyways. I just kind of fall into place.

    2. That's good it went well. I'm moving to California this year in June and July because I've been accepted to Chicago School of Professional Psych in Irvine, Ca for graduate. When I visit California, actually last july, it was loma linda and riverside, I was staying at. I didn't really like it a lot either... I wouldn't want to live at that area but newport though, I loved, more my style. What exactly do you do? Yeah, I love the beach and glad there will still be some.. hills, I'll be coming from Alaska so it'll be a big move by myself, even though I've lived in Arkansas and South Carolina.