Monday, December 24, 2012

Nine things I've learned in the past year.

Nine things I've learned in the past year.

1) Be confident in who you are, love yourself for the same reason, and USE that to get to where you want to be.
2) Where you want to be isn’t really where you want to be… It is getting there that brings the most joy.
3) Every perspective has an equal and opposite, and every variant in between. We all choose some paths, and butt heads with others once in a while. Taking everything you know yourself and everyone else knows with a grain of salt is powerful.
4) The world is a blank canvas. You have the paint brush of emotions, thoughts, and realizations. YOU paint this picture, no one else – so choose your colors carefully.
5) Caring about anything up to a point of sadness, anger, or negativity means you evaluated something wrong.
6) Being able to admit you're wrong is far more rewarding than being correct.
7) For every “I love you all” there is a “But love is just an emotion” person.
8) Spreading paranoia, fear, and conspiracy theories is retrogressive
9) Spreading genuine kindness is beautiful.

From here on out, I want to embody these 9 concepts as much as I can.

I've always had this advice to others, but never gave it to myself. I could learn a thing or two.

See you.

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