Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Too smart to be happy?"

When we are born we are dumb.
We grow, and get shown the world by other people, their perspective.
We take strength in what we're told and what we're shown.
But when we start to read and question and think about whats been handed to us - we find most of it is wrong. Its construed, its backwards, its meaningless.
This makes us sad, for our whole lives seem based on false ideologies and paradigms. 
We begin to question everything. Everyone. Is anyone right? Is there even a 'right' at all?

Once we’ve been tricked and are forced to learn on our own, life seems a bit less happy than what we were told. We have to start over, erase all the falsehoods and fairy tales.

We grow, thinking this place is foolish, filled with fools and stupid people. We alienate and think ourselves different.

We start wondering why other people are happy at all – "ignorance is bliss", we suppose.

But then we come across these genius minds, and they are also happy.

We struggle to understand - maybe they're only smart in one thing, but they are stupid in others?
Maybe they 'just don't get it.' even with all that smart, and all that intelligence, they still just don't get it.
Maybe they have some cognitive dissonance?
We try to talk to them, follow them, or understand and make sure we’re missing something.
But we’re not. 
These are genuinely intelligent people, who know all we know and more.

But they're happy.
How do they do that? How can they get it but still be happy?
And so we grow again, into the next stage. 
Finding that happiness isn't this "ignorant-only" thing.
It may take a smart man to realize flaws in happiness.
But it takes an even greater mind to create it.

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